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Absolutely outstanding, first class service! He has our highest recommendation; will call him again for every purchase decision.

Most importantly:

Highest recommendation -- Great work -- Will definitely recommend to others and call again.

Norman Stone III
Alexandria, Virginia
July 30, 2013

My name is Michelle Gustafson and I have been a real estate agent in Alexandria Virginia for over 12 years. Buying a home can be very stressful and the home inspection of a property, many times, is one of the most important steps for a buyer. Casey Arnold is by far one of the best home inspectors in town. He put my clients at ease and answered all of their questions with patience and knowledge. I met Casey when he was a Class A contractor many years ago and was so excited to see him come on to the scene of home inspections. With his contracting background, he is very knowledgeable about home systems as well as the construction side of the business. He is patient with my clients and really takes the time to answer all of their questions. Casey is professional and leaves the client with a home manual that is very handy. I highly recommend Casey for your clients and your business! You will be happy with the results.

M. Gustafson
Weichert Realtors
February, 2013

Casey's inspection was -- far and above -- the most thorough inspection of a home I have seen. He used ladders to actually get onto the roof and binoculars to inspect areas that a ladder may not reach. He had a systematic approach to inspecting the home to ensure that he does not miss an area. He crawled into spaces other home inspectors I have used in the past would not crawl into -- as a result, he found structural issues, rotten wood, and insulation issues in a nasty, difficult to reach crawl space under the house; improperly vented bathroom vents; flashing that was improperly installed or repaired (causing water to leak into the walls); and pipe in the roof with a failed collar (seal) that was causing rain water to leak through the roof and down the pipe and which had been "repaired" by duct taping a towel around the top of the pipe near the roof.

Casey took the time to explain the home's systems and issues that he spotted -- the inspection lasted well over 5 hours, but resulted in the identification of issues that would have cost me tens of thousands to repair, had I bought the home without knowing of the issues.

Bottom line is that Casey is not one of those "shake and bake" home inspectors that you often get from larger home inspection companies -- the ones who have attended a week-long course and are certified to become inspectors (I know that is the process because several of my fathers' friends -- retired army officers with little to no experience with home building or construction -- have taken the week-long course to become home inspectors). Rather, Casey has years of building experience and has owned several older homes himself -- and that experience showed through in the thoroughness of his inspection.

D. Brou
Alexandria, Virginia
November, 2012



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